Product Warranty

At Duchess & Deco we are very proud of our products and intend to stand behind them. Therefore we warrant all of our umbrella frames against defects in materials and poor craftsmanship for two years, from the purchase date. However our product warranty does not include any damage that is caused by improper assembly, inappropriate and misuse of our products and general wear and tear.

Faulty products authorised by Duchess & Deco under a warranty claim will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Duchess & Deco. Duchess & Deco will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss or use of product.

All warranty claims must be made at the place of purchase, or if purchased via the Duchess & Deco website, by sending an email to [email protected]. Proof of purchase (a receipt with transaction date) is essential for all warranty claims.

Warranty – Please read carefully before purchasing:

This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and covers manufacturers faults and defects only:

  • Outdoor Umbrella – aluminum frame and components 1 year
  • Shade Umbrella – aluminum frame and components 1 year
  • Pool Umbrella – composite frame and components 1 year
  • Canopy fabric (woven polyester) – 1 year

This warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, adverse weather conditions, everyday wear and tear, accidents, misuse, fire, flood, hail, earthquakes or any other natural disasters. Nor does this warranty cover any alterations or repairs by any other than a Duchess & Deco authorised agent.

The umbrella must be used with a suitable base and a reasonable amount of weight applied. Please refer to the Duchess & Deco website (Umbrella Bases) for further information. We also highly recommend that you close your umbrella when gusty or strong winds are expected. If strong winds are anticipated for a longer period of time, we also recommend that you remove your umbrella from the base and keep it stored in a safe place.

When closing the umbrella for extended periods of time, the canopy must be closed and folded in such a way, as to prevent pinching and marking of the canopy fabric in the umbrella arms. Wear and tear caused my pinching and marking of the fabric by the umbrella framework, is not covered under this warranty.

If the umbrella is to be relocated and transported it must be dismantled and sufficiently packaged. We recommend that you wrap the umbrella frame and the canopy separately, to avoid any damage occurring during shipment. If damage occurs as a result of insufficient and insecure packing, this is not covered under this warranty.

In the case of repairs to the umbrella being required (regardless of whether the repairs are covered under the Product Warranty), the shipping costs to and from Duchess & Deco must be covered and paid by the claimant.

Duchess & Deco reserves the right to determine whether or not fault is caused by faulty manufacturing and/or workmanship or material or that any part is defective.

Where Duchess & Deco considers our products have breached a consumer guarantee, any shipping costs to return goods to Duchess & Deco will be at the cost of Duchess & Deco.

Polyester Fabric – Canopy Cover (100% woven polyester)

The Duchess & Deco umbrella canopies are manufactured from 100% polyester fibre and guaranteed to:

  • Protect against mildew (mould) and rot, typical in normal conditions.
  • Provide excellent UV protection of up to UPF 50+.

The fabric warranty does not apply to any deterioration of any kind due to weather or wind related damage. Nor does the warranty apply to: negligence, misuse, punctures (rips), stains, chemicals and water damage as a result of environmental pollution and general wear and tear.

Should the fabric fail, the manufacturer of the polyester fabric will offer to replace the fabric free of charge, subject to the following:

  • The fabric (canopy cover) is maintained correctly.
  • The claimant provides proof of date of purchase.

The fabric warranty extends specifically to the replacement of the fabric only and excludes the work and installation of others and excludes other fittings and hardware. Other costs such as dismantling, transportation, re-erection, travelling costs and consequential loss are also excluded from this warranty.