Product Care

Increase the life of your Duchess & Deco Garden Umbrella, Shade Umbrella or Outdoor Umbrella by:

  • Routinely using a protective cover whenever your umbrella is not in use.
  • Leaving your umbrella closed in adverse weather conditions.
  • Cleaning your frame regularly, by hosing it down with clean water. Especially if you live by a busy road or close to the beach.
  • Any dirt that appears on the canopy should be brushed from the fabric (using a soft brush). Then spray the fabric with warm water (not exceeding 40oC) and air-dry the fabric as quickly as possible.
  • Do not use abrasive materials or cleaners.
  • Please make sure that your umbrella is completely dry before closing.
  • Never stow away or store your Duchess & Deco umbrella while it is damp or wet.
  • Any signs of mould or mildew must be removed immediately.
  • When closing your umbrella for the day or extended periods of time, make sure that the canopy fabric does not get caught in the arms of the umbrella. This can cause pinching or tearing of the fabric.
  • When stowing away for the winter months, it is best to store your umbrella in an upright (horizontal) position, with nothing leaning on it. This again prevents pinching and marking of the canopy fabric.