Custom Outdoor Umbrellas, Deck Chairs, Directors Chairs and Tablecloths

For your custom outdoor umbrella, folding directors chair, designer deck chair or made-to-order tablecloth we will assist you throughout the design process in order to make sure that the product you receive is exactly as you envisaged it. You can utilise designs from our available range, from particular trends, or those that reflect your individual outdoor setting OR we can help you design your own patterns and options. By doing so, you can ensure complete personalisation – and therefore satisfaction – with each and every product.

Custom Outdoor Umbrellas

The design process is super-simple; the perfect opportunity to make your design vision come to life, with just a little help from us. It’s so easy – you can create your own design images OR you just choose one of ours and we’ll produce your beautiful outdoor umbrella.

Designer Deck Chairs

If it’s designer deck chairs you are after, reflecting your own style and uniqueness, we are here to help. The fabric area of your deck chair is a blank canvas ready to be designed by you, with the help from Duchess & Deco. Send us your ideas and let us come up with some options for you. OR Simply choose one of our fabulous designs.

Folding Directors Chairs

Let us assist you in creating your own folding directors chair. Your design can be as simple or as complicated as you want, or you can choose an image or pattern from the Internet, a magazine, anything that catches your fancy! The possibilities are truly endless. OR choose one of our beautiful designs.

Made-To-Order Tablecloths

Our tablecloths aren’t just custom designed, they’re custom sized too. You can either choose from any of our stunning fabric designs, OR have us assist you in creating your very own, to compliment your specific dining area.

Our Design Collection